Inno3D Tops GeForce GTX 980, 970 Graphics Cards With Quad-Fan Cooler

Inno3D has announced its iChill GeForce GTX 980 and 970 Ultra PC graphics cards. Sharing an over-the-top cooling solution, they seem more than capable of competing with the zillion other cards on the market packing Nvidia's latest high-end GPUs. The cooler is dubbed the HerculeZ X4 Air Boss, and it makes these cards quite a sight to behold:



Three main fans dot the front of the cooler, with a 50mm one garnishing the top edge. The fans collectively cool five heatpipes, a large heatsink, and assorted heatspreaders. All of this makes the cards fill three expansion slots and measure 4.5 x 11.8”, but Inno3D claims 11 and 15°C lower board and component temperatures compared to Nvidia's reference designs.



That cooling also allows for extra overclocking headroom. Inno3D generously bumped the GTX 980's base and boost clocks to 1266/1367Mhz, up from the default 1126/1216Mhz, and the GTX 970's up to 1178/1329Mhz from 1050/1178Mhz. The cards' 4GB of GDDR5 memory is also spiked, running at 7.2GT/s instead of the stock 7GT/s.



While the X4 Air Boss cooler's decals look like they could readily slice fingers (to say nothing of the fan blades), Inno3D says the fans and covers are easily removable for dusting – all the more important given how many fans are involved here. Most factory-overclocked graphics cards sport just two.



All of that said, Inno3D hasn't detailed pricing and availability information, but several hardware review sites have taken the GTX 980 flavor for a spin. The general consensus is the card performs well in most games and stays cool, but while some say the fans are loud, others say they're quiet. Hmm.