Innovate Transporting Party Food, Win Great Kitchen Swag From Instructables Potluck Contest!

When bringing food to a party, you’re worried about it tipping over in the car, getting too cold, melting or otherwise morphing into a gross-looking glob before you get there. If you’re perfected transporting casseroles, pies and other snacks, enter the Potluck Contest to win some sweet swag!




Although the Instructables Potluck Contest isn’t exclusively testing kitchen innovators to share their best food transportation system, and you could simply provide the recipe for your ultimate get-together food, I’d like to think that our readers are more inclined to test themselves my building the best cupcake delivery system of all time, as opposed to giving away how to make your aunt’s award-winning white chocolate walnut brownies. Simply assemble either a photo or a video guide of your easily transported foods and/or snack transportation systems, and the Instructables community and judges will pick out their favorites. As of this writing, I can’t help but to appreciate RebekahP’s DIY “Casserole Carrier” and stackums’ “Slow cooker hot chocolate,” but it’s still early and the Potluck Contest is still anyone’s game!




The grand prize winner wins an X-Large Pro-Chef Rectangle Checker Chop Block, set of two Santoku and Chef Knives, a robot apron, and an Instructables prize pack for their suprime soufflé holder, but three first prize and ten second prize winners will get a sampling of the grand prize goodies too. You’ve got until December 30th, 2013 to enter your creative snack moving device or yummy party snack (click here to submit your entry!), so get back into the kitchen/workshop, and get ready for the greatest internet potluck party ever!


 Casserole Carrier by RebekahPCasserole Carrier by RebekahP