Innovation Village Doesn't Ask For Money, Just Your Inventions

Invention Idea

Innovation Village is a one-eighty from other invention companies.  It develops your inventions without asking you for a dime... if it thinks it can make a big hit with your invention. 

The company was started in 2007 by entrepreneur Michael Reese in Winston Salem, North Carolina.  And in just two years, Innovation Village has three product lines -- Airman® Air PumpsRobatti Power Tools, and Tidewater Sandals -- 100 reps, six employees, and several major retailers including Sears, QVC, Cabela's, Hammacher Schlemmer, and Sport Chalet.

Not a shabby showing.

And Innovation Village does everything: develops, manufactures, markets, sells, sets up web sites -- everything and anything to get your invention in the hands of buyers -- many buyers.  The company licenses your patent and takes off running with it, so you can get busy on your next brilliant idea and collect that wonderful passive income we all dream about.

If you have an invention that's patented and it falls in the sporting goods, outdoor, automotive, hardware, and footwear areas, submit it to Innovation Village or just go check it out for future reference!


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