English Health Care Company Develops Visionary Sleep Mask for Diabetics

The new sleep mask known as the Noctura 400  was created at NET PARK by PolyPhotonix, a health-care company located in Sedgefield, County Durham, England, It  prevents blindness among diabetics and has been named among the top one hundred ideas that has changed the world.


Noctura 400Noctura 400

What is NET PARK?

The North East Technology Park is an internationally recognized British location for science and technology companies that are integrating materials to develop innovative products particularly printable electronics, micro electronics, nanotechnology and photonics and their various applications in energy, defense and medical-related technologies. It provides a dynamic and supportive environment meant to increase the growth of high tech companies.

What is diabetic retinopathy?

Diabetic retinopathy is a nocturnal condition that occurs in people with diabetes who have circulation problems. It is caused by damage to the blood vessels of the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the retina. During the night, as the human eye adapts to darkness, it requires more oxygen. For many diabetics  this need cannot be met, which affects the retina and results in the formation of new, weaker blood vessels, which can bleed and leak fluid into the eye, potentially causing blindness.

As a general rule, this complication usually affects both eyes and can occur in anyone who has either type1 or type 2 diabetes whose blood sugar  is not well-controlled. Long-term diabetics are more susceptible to this condition, which at first may not develop any symptoms or only mild vision problems.

100 ideas that changed the world

This pioneering sleep mask is featured in a new exhibition at the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) entitled:100 Ideas That Changed the World. This exhibit honors those inventions that have had a major impact on modern life and they range from inanimate ordinary objects to vehicles and nano-technologies. The sleep mask was chosen for inclusion after PolyPhotonix won the start-up category in the IET Innovation Awards. The exhibit celebrates the re-opening of Savoy Place, its London headquarters.


PolyPhotonix Sleep MaskPolyPhotonix Sleep Mask


In the words of Richard Kirk, PolyPhotonix's chief executive:

"It's an incredible honor to be named among the top 100 objects that have changed the world. The Noctura  400 will be going  on display in London along with other innovations that have changed the face of a wide range of industries, including, health-care, transport and technology. While traditional treatments for diabetic retinopathy involve painful injections into the eyeball or laser therapy, our mask not only provides a non-invasive alternative but could also save health services around the world billions."


Sleep MaskSleep Mask

Noctura 400

This highly effective sleep mask  is designed for sleep wear and it emits a low level green glow, which reduces the eye's need for oxygen and stops damage from occurring. This innovative treatment for diabetic retinopathy is expected to quietly replace costly current treatments. Noctura 400 can be used at any stage of the disease and even as a preventive care treatment.


Healthcare ScanHealthcare Scan

The future of Noctura

PolyPhotonix has merged with Lloyd's Pharmacy to promote its innovative sleep mask, which will be made available to consumers from Lloyd's Home Optician Service, the Outside Clinic. Any revenues gleaned from the sale of the masks are being reinvested by PolyPhotonix to fund the development of other bio-photonic devices. In addition, the company has also pledged to donate a share of its sales revenues to Fight For Sight, England's prominent eye research charity.


Noctura PosterNoctura Poster

In the words of Cormac Tobin, Lloyd's Pharmacy managing director: "The Noctura 400 treatment bridges the gap between optometry and pharmacy and is a perfect fit with our strategic direction of providing more value added services...I am thrilled we can offer this game-changing treatment to help our diabetic patients avoid the devastating consequences of diabetes-related eye disease."

And so it would seem that one bearded and very eloquent English bard was right when so long ago he said: 

"The eyes have it."

Do you think that the Noctura 400 mask would work just as effectively if the wearer is a poor sleeper or insomniac?

Closing thoughts about diabetes:

Life is not over because you have diabetes. Make the most of what you have, be grateful. ~ Dale Evans