Innovative Robo-Spider Dress Isn't Scary. It's Awesome.

 Robotic Spider DressRobotic Spider Dress

Spiders aren't really anyone's favorite animal. They are creepy killers, and don't get me started on those leg!.  Despite their spooky appeal, Dutch artist Anouk Wipprecht found inspiration in the spider's structure for her latest fashion project. Her 3D-printed robotic spider dress is far from's amazing.

To begin, the dress looks gorgeous. It resembles an exoskeleton and is styled accordingly with the legs and eyes of arachnids. This isn't your momma's party dress. According to Wipprecht, fashion is lacking one thing, and that's microcontrollers. Her designs mix fashion and technology, evident in her latest spider dress creation. The dress doesn't just stand as a work of art; it moves as one. The dress is laden with motion and respiratory sensors. If you approach the gown too rapidly or aggressively, it attacks! Should the wearer's heart rate increase, the dress is aware. This spindly garment acts like an extension of the wearer's body, coming to the body's aid if anyone should invade your personal space.

Wippecht has been keeping the gown under wraps and has only released a teaser of the robotic spider dress. She plans on unveiling the garment at CES in a few weeks. If you can't bear to wait that long, take a look at the teaser video.

When it comes to fashion innovations, Wipprecht is leading the pack. The combination of technology and the haute couture puts this robotic spider dress in a one-of-a-kind market. The dress perhaps isn't the most practical, but it is innovative and awesome...and not the least bit creepy.

Sources:  Anouk Wipprecht, Engadget

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