Innovative Wearable Tech Germ Block: The Germinator Transit Jacket

 Commuters are exposed to strangers and their germs each and every work day of their lives. People sneeze and cough without covering their mouths and often transmit their colds and other infections just by the coincidence of proximity. In the United States, it is estimated that 10.5 billion trips are made annually on public transportation, and if your commute is among these numbers, it is very likely that you will find yourself in a crowded rush hour train or bus with at least one passenger who is suffering  from a bad cold or the flu.


The Germinator Transit Jacket: Source: Ecouterre.comThe Germinator Transit Jacket: Source:


Today, most people can't afford to get sick. Even if you don't commute via public transit, there is still the office and all those free-floating microbes lurking in the elevators, near the phones, computers and water coolers. Fight back with the new Germnator Transit Jacket created by Betabrand and designed by Gravitytank, whose anti-microbial fabric lining zaps germs before they can zap you.

The creators of the Germinator Transit Jacket

The Germinator Transit Jacket looks like any other hooded jacket, but appearances are deceiving. The garment represents a collaboration between BetaBrand, who created the literal germ shield, Gravitytank and the Haas Design and Innovation Strategy Club from UC Berkeley. Through combined research in the spread of disease, two sgnificant aspects were developed; infrastructure and people. Soon, what was once just a vague concept, became via brainstorming, a commercial reality.

How does the GerminatorTransit Jacket work?


Germinator Transit Jacket-Side View: Source: Gravitytank.comGerminator Transit Jacket-Side View: Source:


The water-resisiant fleece blocks incoming germs with its silver-infused fabric on both the cuffs and collar of the coat. Special nanoparticles prevent the growth of bacteria and if the germs should break through this first defensive layer, another lining of anti-microbial fabric traps the bacteria. This layer can be removed and should be washed often to remove the build-up of germs. In addition, the garment also has extendable sleeves, which protect hands from grimy subway poles and a high collar to block your face from nearby coughs. The jacket's breathable materials and easy access to vents allow the wearer to seek out the right balance of temperatures between the street's freezing clime and the underground's humid rainforest.

Special features of the Germinator Transit Jacket


Transit Pass- Germinator Jacket: Source: Gravitytank.comTransit Pass- Germinator Jacket: Source:


The Germinator Transit Jacket is  an ideal garment for commuting back and forth from work. It's loose enough to allow for layering and lightweight enough for warmer climates. Its special features include:

• Breathable, water-resistant soft fleece

• A transit pass on wearer's right sleeve

• Anti-microbial fabric  on sleeve cuffs and collar

• Front zippered pockets and inside chest pocket

• Removable hood

• Interior ventilation

Removable, washable mesh sleeve cuffs with thumbholes


The Germinator Transit Jacket is a formidable weapon in the endless battle between humans and microbes.  Sneezes and coughs are the enemy when it comes to people crowded into close quarters, which aids in the spread of germs that cause cold and flu. The germnator is a terminator, so to speak, albeit in a non-cinematic way.

So no matter how you may feel about terminator extraordinaire, Arnold  Schwarzenegger, it's the attitude that counts,  when it comes to microbe warfare. Become a prepared and well-armed soldier; okay, a general, in the war against germs.

 Closing thougths on germs:

New Rule: Instead of killing 99.9 percent of germs, Lysol has to just  go ahead and kill them all. Why spare the remaining 0.1 percent? So they can reurn to their villages and tell the other germs,"Dude, do not mess with Lysol?" ~ Bill Maher

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