Innovative Car Insurance Company Onna-Onna Alerts Drivers To Bad Weather

Putting a twist on car insurance is Dutch insurance company for women, Onna-Onna. Not only can they help people recover financially from car accidents or other related incidents, they also alert people when it's unsafe to be on the road; decreasing their chances of having an accident.

Onna-Onna uses text messages to alert their policy holders to inclement weather that might impact driving conditions, like ice and snow, rain, severe thunderstorms and heavy wind. This unique insurance company uses weather reports from the National Meteorological Institute in order to keep their subscribers up to date on the driving conditions in the area.

As text messaging whether conditions to policy holders is a new concept in the insurance industry, Onna-Onna is taking a trial period to see how their weather report text messages impact not only their business; but also the number of accidents occurring with their policy holders. After this evaluation period is complete, Onna-Onna will consider adding additional SMS based services to their subscribers.

In a competitive industry, sometimes a simple service, like that offered by Onna-Onna, can make one company stand out from the pack.

Via: Springwise

May 28, 2009
by Anonymous

Bring to the US & CA State

Can use this Nationwide.
Hello AAA Auto Club.

Must have in the US, maybe MidWest & NE, SE aside CA West.

Big savings for we drivers alone.
Radical idea.

Come to the US, Canada