Innovative Children’s Fashion: Inchworm Shoes Adjust to Grow with Your Child!

Children's fashion can be awfully cute, and often, incredibly expensive, which is a shame when the children's clothing or shoes must be discarded only months after purchase. Inchworm Shoes have created a new, innovative technology that prolongs the life of the shoes by allowing them to grow with the child.

Inchworm shoes creates hot children's fashion accessories, which can expand to fit children's feet as they grow up to 3 sizes (including at half-size increments) larger. The children's shoes are "parent adjustable" with the touch of a button and a little bit of pulling encouragement, with an indicator to show the new shoe size. "Parent adjustable" is code for difficult, but in a good way; since no one wants their children to adjust their shoes during wear.

Inchworm  Shoes are affordable children's footwear, at about $39.99 USD per pair, and there are styles available from the line to suit practically any casual occasion. The sporty children's shoe designs are perfect for any pint-sized fashionista in the making, or the young and active. Inchworm shoes are another great example of functional and fashionable styles; but this time, the focus is upon children's fashion.

EDITOR'S UPDATE: Inchworm Shoes are no longer available in the market.

Mar 31, 2009
by Gloria Campos
Gloria Campos's picture

Great Find

What a great find! I was just complaining again to my mom yesterday how quickly my kids grow out of their shoes. I love this idea. I hope it works. I'm checking out their website right now.