Innovative Cultural Fashion: Sporty Headscarves for the Culturally Aware

Traditional headscarves can be burdensome for those who wear them for cultural beliefs and engage in an active lifestyle. While they may be culturally fashionable, headscarves may be overly insulated for highly aerobic sports, not insulated enough for cold outdoor activities, and impractical as swimwear which forces people to choose between their values and ability to participate in certain activities. Capsters are a fashionable alternative to the traditional headscarf, with a variety of styles conducive to a variety of lifestyles, and they're pretty stylish too.

An online commerce website based out of the Netherlands, Capsters ships its culturally sensitive headwear worldwide. The idea for Capsters was derived to give Muslim girls in the Netherlands an alternative to the traditional Hijab to wear during gym class; once word got out about their innovative fashion design, there were so many requests for this cultural alternative to the headscarf that they expanded their designs and officially setup shop with their innovative, cultural fashion.

Capsters' headscarves for the culturally aware do not need to be folded or secured with pins, each Capster has a unique shape of its own made with a material well-suited to its purpose. The sports line includes the most popular Aerobic design, made from a stretchy black and white t-shirt material; the Surf fits snuggly around the face and is designed for water sport wear since it's made from the same material as bathing suits; the Outdoor is made of polar fleece and is perfect for winter sports, since it also keeps the neck warm; and the Tennis is made from a light-weight stretchy polyester that also covers the chest.

The casual headwear designs by Capsters cater more to the culturally aware fashionista than the sportier model. With a neutral design to go with any outfit, like the Black basic model; the Easy light-weight model in white, perfect for warm climates; or the Jeans design, a trendy updated version of the headscarf which also covers the chest area for modesty.

While these innovative fashion designs derived from cultural motivations, they want to help anyone who wants to cover their head accomplish that goal; whether it's for religion, providing coverage for hair loss, to keep warm, or make a unique fashion statement. Order Capsters online, and no matter where you live globally, you should have your unique head covering with 15 days.

Mar 28, 2009
by Anonymous


why is it for muslims? I would wear (head)scarfs over my hair half the time if I could afford to have them. But I cant. Many many years ago women wore scarfs around the hairs especially I think it was married farmer wifes or something to that. I'm not married and I am not muslim but I would wear it.