Innovative DIY Human Nest Filled with Autumn Leaves and You











It's fall and for many of us colorful leaves cover our yards, the driveway and the streets. Like every fall, some of us will rake our leaves up and put them on the curb for the trash. Some of us will rake our leaves and put them in a compost bin, and others like designer Gerard Moliné will join the birds and build a nest with the leaves. That's right a nest.

The idea is to, in a way, live like the birds. A bird's home is a nest. It may be small but it is all a bird needs for shelter and this shelter is built out of twigs and leaves. If a bird needs to move for what ever reason, say the tree is cut down or it isn't a safe place to stay anymore, the bird find another secure area and just build another. Like Gerard Moliné likes to point out a bird doesn't pay rent.

Though this may be true I don't believe the intention is to actually live in this human nest forever, although if one had to, someone that was homeless, it would provide much better and warmer shelter (thought temporary) than on the streets.

The human nest, designed by Gerard Moliné, for the Neo-rural exhibition, is made of metal and rope and natural things like leaves. The metal and the rope are the structure of the nest and the void inside the nest can be filled with leaves and twigs. It hangs from the tree with a big piece of tape so as not to harm the tree, like a chain or a rope would. Like a bird, a person can sit inside the nest and observe the world around, relax or sleep.

It you are thinking this human nest looks like a tree trap look closer at the pictures and you will notices that at the bottom edge there is an opening to let you easily come out of the nest. For more pictures please visit Gerard Moliné site here .

Via Treehugger