Got Legos? Innovative Earth Friendly Ideas To Upcycle Lego Bricks

Thanks to my Lego fanatic husband my kids are Lego fans too. I don't mind. Really! I appreciate it. Lego bricks are a wonderful imagination opening resource for building basic life long art skills that can be used in various careers (ex. architecture), but don't think I don't notice the material they're made with. This is why I've put together a list of earth friendly ways to recycle used Lego bricks.



1. Lego Brick Fashion Hats


via Inhabitotsvia Inhabitots

Turn those Lego bricks into fashion hats like designer Jean Charles de Castelbajac did. The hats are sturdy and colorful. Have you seen the Lego People YouTube fashion video yet? Check it out here.


2. Lego Man Dice and Jewels Necklace


via Swankvia Swank

Accessorize with this pretty Lego Man Dice and Jewels Necklace. This is by far the most innovative recycling Lego brick idea I have seen so far. You can find the necklace at Swank, along with the rest of the Lego brick accessories line.


3. Encourage RightBrainThinker to Keep It Up


via RightBrainThinkervia RightBrainThinker

Etsy user RightBrainThinker has recycled Lego brick blocks and turned them into an accessory. Know Lego's fan who wants to elope? They can get hitched using these rings as symbols of their love for each other. "Look at the Lego Brick on her hand!"


4. Unsitable Lego Chair


via Daily Dannyvia Daily Danny

It sort of frustrates me to mention this idea because it's a chair you cannot sit in. Who wants a chair you can't sit in. What's the point? This chair however is at least worth a look. It is made entirely of Lego brick pieces.


5. Encourage Upcycleme to Keep It Up Too


via Upcyclemevia Upcycleme

Another neat Lego bricks accessory comes from Upcycleme. She has designed a Lego White and Orange Bracelet. She uses a heat source to shape the Lego brick pieces, as she needs. She will send you your order in a gift-wrapped box made from 100% upcycled materials.

Also here are a few ways to donate, buy, trade or sell your kids used Lego brick parts:
a. Sell or buy them on Bricklink. b. Legos are built to last. If you have some and don't need them anymore donate them to a children's charity. You pick which charity. What kid wouldn't enjoy building with Lego Bricks? c. You can buy or sell vintage Lego bricks on eBay. Apparently this is a very popular thing to do among Lego fans.


Apr 15, 2009
by Myra Per-Lee

great blog!

These items are so clever!  Almost makes me want to buy a set of Legos so I can recycle them.