Innovative, Elegant and Eco-friendly Fireplaces

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Just because it's a new year doesn't mean the winter is over. For some of us winter is putting up a fight and we must fight back in mittens. Is it time for a fireplace? EcoSmart Fire has an innovative and very elegant line of eco-friendly open fireplaces.

Eco-friendly fireplaces are exactly what they sound like. It's a fireplace designed and built to burn efficiently and conserve energy. The EcoSmart fireplaces are fuelled by a renewable energy source called Denatured Ethanol. Read about Denature Ethanol here.

The innovative and elegant fireplaces are made so that the flames can be regulated. In other words they can be turned on or off at any time. Because of their innovative design they can be used anywhere: houses, apartments, restaurants, offices, etc. No flue or hard connection is required. Because a flue is not required, all the heat stays in the room instead of venting out.

The Eco Smart Burners are also completely made of stainless steel and the fire can easily heat up "over 35 sqm of living space". In addition the EcoSmart Fires have a thermal input of "14 Mj/h - 13,000 BTU - 3.5 Kw/h - that's equivalent to 2 electric heaters" according to the answers given in Questions About the Fire.

For more information about EcoSmart Fire fireplaces click here. If you have an EcoSmart fireplace share your experience below.