Innovative Fashion Design: Convertible High Heels

Women like heels, but there's a common problem that accessory loves face - their heels just don't like them by the end of the day. Changing shoes for the walk home after a day at the office or a night at the club means remembering and managing to tote a more practical pair around which just isn't always reasonable. Now, an Australian design student has a more functional alternative.

Step 1: High HeelStep 1: High Heel

Step 2: Removing HeelStep 2: Removing Heel

Student Sophie Cox who has entered her convertible high heel design in the annual Australian Design Awards and is hoping to compete against the big brands that normal fill up the entries with her unique convertible shoe design. High heels might look fantastic, especially when paired with the right day or nighttime outfit, but the fact that they can cause permanent damage to women's feet and posture is what inspired this student to come up with one pair of shoes that delivers comfort as well as style. The stylish shoes can easily be converted from a 7cm heel to a 3cm heel as soon as the situation dictates, depending on whether fashion or function win out on the occasion.

Step 3: No HeelStep 3: No Heel

Step 4: Small HeelStep 4: Small Heel

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Via: Gizmag

Oct 7, 2009
by Anonymous

Great idea, but

Great idea, but unfortunatelly they do not look nice.