Innovative Fashion Tattoo To Act As Diabetes Monitor

Gone are the days where tattoos were just for fashion, and now a new nano ink particle tattoo will help diabetics eliminate the need for painful fingertip testing strips.

Recently developed by scientist Heather Clarke from Draper Laboratories, is the nano ink particle tattoo which samples glucose levels in the skin and changes colors to give accurate glucose readings. This will improve the quality of life of diabetics, who will no longer need to rely on regulated glucose testing, since a permanent built in tattoo will show them their glucose readings automatically so they can make the appropriate adjustments with insulin injections or seek a doctor's care when necessary.

This innovative nano particle tattoo is both an interesting fashion statement and a cutting-edge improvement for healthcare.

 Source: Discovery News - Via: Neatorama

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May 8, 2009
by Anonymous


typo in the first sentence I think, unless diabetes was fashionable at one point?