Innovative Gloves Created For Touch Screens

In the cold winter months, I have often faced a to key in messages, or numbers on my iPhone, how to tune in to my favourite songs on my iPod...without having to sacrifice the warm comfort of my gloves.

It gets quite difficult with gloves on, and the biting winds I really hate taking my gloves off. I tried gloves without fingers, and they work fine in mild winters, but not once the temperatures start dipping.

Looking for a viable option I came across these gloves, which on first glance looked a tad silly, with rubber dots on them. But that was before I realized that it was the rubber dots that facilitate keying in numbers and messages on iPhones.

The Dot Gloves not only help keep fingers warm, they also let one operate touch screen menus with élan. In case you are scared of scratches, fear not for the dots are smooth and curved so they won't scratch your screen. The gloves are equipped with dots on three fingers and depending on personal preferences one can opt to have dots fixed on thumb, index and middle finger to thumb or index only.

A simple and clever solution to one of the basic problems of life. Dot Gloves are available in either knit ($15) or rag wool ($20), the rag wool is said to be a lot warmer and softer. If one wants variety in terms of colour, the knit is a better option since they are available in multiple shades.

Via: outblush