Innovative Gravity Defying Shoes

Now I keep reading about innovative shoes, but this one seems to offer more than others. The Gravity Defyer Shoe claims to make the wearer feel better (like flying in air), appear 2" taller and ease joint pains and pressure on the spine.

Quite a tall order, for any shoe.

I read a bit and came to know that Gravity Defyer shoes contain three special springs in the heel. The technology in those springs, according to Alex, comes from load-bearing springs that help buildings withstand the effects of earthquakes. These springs are what make the wearer feel a certain spring in his step. They also provide relief to the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and spine.




It all started when scientists were researching on rubber for construction and automobile industries. While investigating shock absorption for buildings and automobiles they discovered a special polymer that was both lightweight and absorbed shock and vibration. This material forms the sole of the shoes.

Apart from this, a host of technical innovations like Industrial Master Springs and Stabilizers go into craeting these hand made shoes. Available in a range of styles like Classic, Signature, Sport and Athletic, the shoes do not pinch the pocket at prices ranging between $120 to about $140.

Hattip to makeworldbetter.