Innovative Israeli Company Seeks To Put A Freeze On Lung Cancer

IceCure is no stranger to the public eye. Recently, this innovative Israeli biomedical startup saw worldwide fame with its revolutionary use of cryoablation, the use of extreme cold on ailing tissue, to eliminate tumors in patients with breast cancer (basically, the doctors use liquid nitrogen to turn the tumors into a ball of ice, after which the dead tissue is reabsorbed and reused by the body).

 Ball of Ice: Source: FlickrBall of Ice: Source: Flickr

The process is simple, requires no anesthesia, and leaves the patient with no scars, nor extended hospital stays. The first breast cancer patient was treated in June of 2012, with the process quickly becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

This is, of course, nothing short of a miracle in the medical field.

But IceCure, ever determined to conquer all forms of this beast, has recently set its sight on lung cancer, the deadliest type of this international plague.

And on the quest to achieve this success, IceCure has enlisted in the help of a Japanese medical center to fulfill its dreams. Kameda Medical Center, the recent partner of the Israeli innovators, will both fund and host a new clinical trial meant to test the efficacy of cryoablation on patients with lung cancer.

Now, given the potential success of this trial, it may be important to look at the statistics. According to the CDC, in one year alone, over 150,000 died from lung cancer in the United States, with over 1.3 million perishing worldwide. Furthermore, other types of this disease continue to affect populations around the world, all of which may be in search of a miracle treatment.

And that might be what IceCure has to offer. There is no way to predict what this new trial holds in store, but with any luck this revolutionary use of cryoablation will make it into hospitals nearby, and be a giant leap on the path towards eliminating this problem.

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