Innovative Jump Rope Concept Uses Jumps To Turn On

via Yanko Designvia Yanko Design

As a parent, have you ever noticed how your kids starts running around early in the morning and are still running around in the late evening? It's amazing, isn't it? Are they really little, "balls of energy"? Wouldn't it be even more amazing if we could harness that energy and use it to power...a flashlight?

The idea above, harnessing a child's energy, isn't too far fetched. Designers Hyun Joo Lee and Eu Tteum Lee's have developed a concept product that allows children to continue to have fun, jumping rope, while powering its flashlight. So, while spinning the jump rope turns kinetic energy into electricity and turns on the LED flashlight built into one of the handles. Its called Jumping Light.

Now other than provide ample lighting for a group of children who wish to jump through the night or help children understand how Kinetic energy can be turned into electricity, there isn't much need for a concept like this to develop. Or is there? Maybe this concept could lead to other possibilities.

Maybe one-day Chuck-E-Cheese and other places like it will have an enlightenment and figure out how to run all its electrically powered games off the energy of the hundreds of children that run through it every day. Maybe daycare centers will power their rooms off of children's energy too. Maybe, just maybe, someone could figure out how to use this energy to power our homes. For once children would be allowed to run around indoors and we, the parents, would let them, especially if it helps bring down out electric bill. Maybe we would get off our lazy $%%#%! and run or jump to power up too.

For more information about the Jump Light visit Yanko Design here.

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