Innovative Log Roller Saves Money and Trees

What recycles your newspaper, save trees, helps you warm up you home and saves you money all at the same time? An 8lb gadget called the Newspaper Log Roller.

The Newspaper Log Roller tightly rolls newspapers into "logs" for the fireplace. It is constructed of heavyweight and durable brass cast iron, has large legs for stability and has a wooden handle to wind up the newspaper.

To make the Newspaper Log Roller work insert the newspaper through the slit, turn the wooden handle to wind up the newspaper and in about 5 minutes you have a log. Take the log out. Tie it up with a string. Stack it next to the rest of the newspaper logs until you are ready to use it.

Tightly wrapped newspaper will burn just like cured firewood, but is much cheaper to use. It also is safer to use than crumble newspaper in a fireplace because it is less likely to create flying sparks and embers that can fall out of the fire. In addition using newspaper to make newspaper logs helps reduce wasted paper in landfills.You can get the Newspaper Log Roller here on Amazon.

What do you think of this newspaper recycling innovation? Is it really innovative? Is it a better way to recycle newspaper, save trees and money? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

Note: Newspaper logs should not be used in a catalytic stove. The ash will damage the catalyst.

EDITOR'S NOTE: A paper log maker may be another good option to take all the extra junk mail and make it into free firewood.

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Gloria Campos-Hensley
Green Blogger

Nov 21, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Not New or Innovative

These are nothing new. My parents had one of these 25 years ago. I know, it was part of my chores...
To get a tight wrap you have to pull on the paper while turning the crank at the same time. To make a log of any size takes a long time, and you better have someone nearby to help when it's time to add the next sheet.

Mar 19, 2008
by Anonymous

not new

these things have been around for years,

Mar 23, 2008
by Anonymous

Paper Log Rollers

While looking to purchase one of these because rolling by hand tears up my hands, I came across this article. These are not new and innovative. However, they did disappear from most stores as these log rollers didn't sell. People got into the habit of not saving or re-using things. About the only way someone could find one was thru farm/ranch auctions, out in rural communities at yard sales or in the northern states where many people had wood burning stoves. Now, there is a growing movement of people that want to get off the grid or just not contribute to the huge waste piles dotting our country's landscape.

That's not my main reason for making paper logs to burn. My husband is Traumatic Brain Injured with many being he is COLD all the time! 90+ heat he is just getting comfortable. He also has Crohn's disease and a pacemaker. Having the pacemaker, he can no longer use a chainsaw to cut wood. We get some cut wood given to us that I split, but a lot of the time it's still a bit green. My husband cuts up old, broken pallets and any leftover wood from construction jobs. Anything that will burn nice and hot is used. I do roll up papers with the slick inserts and catalogs interspersed inbetween the regular paper. I also raise dairy goats, so add the brown paper bags to the mix. With a good bed of coals, I can have the logs burn (with heat) for at least an hour. Since I've been asking for people to drop off their papers, the log roller will help make my life easier.