Innovative German Company Makes Food Pillows

Bacon sleep mask, anyone? How about a blood sausage bolster pillow?

An innovative new company called Aufschnitt Berlin  creates hand-stitched cushions, food pillows, accessories and toys in the shape of food, animal parts and more. Founded by Silvia Wald, a textile designer, the company also offers pillows in the shapes of human organs.  
Bacon Eye Mask: mmmmm BaconBacon Eye Mask: mmmmm Bacon

Aufschnitt is the German word for cold cuts, and the company uses that to great advantage. Their icon for "Shopping Cart" is a butcher’s scale. The bricks-and-mortar shop displays wares hung from meat hooks, and Wald wears a butcher’s apron.

The product designs are detailed and appliquéd to create the meat look you deserve. The food pillows and toys are made of fabric, not meat, so they are vegan-friendly. They are also washable. Washable meat - there’s a new idea!

Blood Sausage Bolster PillowBlood Sausage Bolster Pillow

Don’t forget the pets! There are two squeaky toys for dogs: A cow and a pig with silk-screened vintage-style butcher’s diagrams on the fabric.

Squeaky Cow Toy: Dogs love steakSqueaky Cow Toy: Dogs love steak

Make sure you can always find your luggage on the carousel with the Aufschnitt human heart-shaped luggage tag. This is a very practical innovation for travelers. It is created from synthetic leather and PVC.

Human Heart Luggage Tag: I &lt;3 Luggage?Human Heart Luggage Tag: I <3 Luggage?

One clever set of items is a fried egg pillow, sunny side up, and a bacon eye mask. It would be like sleeping at iHop, without the yummy bacon smell. They give a completely new meaning to "breakfast in bed."

Egg and Bacon Breakfast Set - Pillow and Eye Mask: Sunny Side UpEgg and Bacon Breakfast Set - Pillow and Eye Mask: Sunny Side Up

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We love this innovative, fearless designer, creating people-friendly food pillows with animal-friendly meat designs. Could you sleep with sausage on your face?