Innovative or Just Another Reusable Bag for Halloween?

A press release on September 6, 2007 announced that Greenfeet, together with ChicoBag, has come up with an eco-friendly bag for this upcoming Halloween.

The bag is made of bright orange durable woven nylon and has a spider web design printed on the bag. The bag is easily visible at night, and holds 20lbs worth of candy. I'm not so sure this is a good thing in regards to our children's' health, but I guess it wont be so bad if it's 20lbs of eco-friendly or organic treats. Just please don't let them or you eat it all at once.

The limited edition $5 Halloween ChicoBag is available now at It is machine washable and the pouch measures 4" x 2 1?2" x 1".

Want one? Buy it at Greenfeet were they also have a lot more reusable bags for you to choose from. Or you could, if you have time and an imagination, just decorate and reuse an old cloth bag you have lying around the house and save yourself the $5. It's up to you.

Via Press Release

Gloria Campos-Hensley
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