Innovative Perfume That Only YOU Can Create

My DNA websiteMy DNA websiteWhile browsing through the net, looking for a truly innovative fashion or beauty product I came across this.

It is completely new, innovative and different. Not a textile, or a designer, nor shoes or other fashion paraphernalia. It is rather an actual, real product...something you can touch...well, maybe not ‘touch' but definitely ‘smell'.

My DNA fragrance is a new company which offers individualized perfume based on your own individual DNA. Yes, it really uses part of the double helix you see here.

My DNA creates a one of a kind fragrance after you submit a swab of your saliva. The company uses a patented and revolutionary new process to create your individual fragrance which arrives in a clinically approved 4oz. aluminum bottle with a fine mist sprayer and if you want to do it properly, create your own bottle too.

As My DNA puts it, it's not self centered, it's self scented!For MenFor Men

Here is a brief of what you can expect to pay with My DNA

  • A one time swab kit and lab fee: $99
  • Your own 4oz bottle for women: $89
  • Your own 4oz bottle for men: $59

So the initial investment along with a bottle of personalized perfume will cost approximately $160, that's for the men, women have to dish out a bit more.

And as soon as you run out of your custom made perfume, you can re order from the company. They will recreate the same perfume from their records of your DNA.

History records that perfumes have appealed to our vanity since when the Egyptians first used it for religious rituals and preludes to lovemaking. Perfumes are seductive, exotic, and hypnotic. They raise a menagerie of emotions and feelings, of senses.

I do think the concept will succeed. In spite of the fact that there are more than 30,000 designer fragrances on the market today, My DNA Fragrance has found a way to make fragrances that are so unique that no two people will ever smell alike again. In a world that has exhausted every possible fragrance combination in the quest to supply an unquenchable thirst for fragrances this revolutionary patented process will impact the way perfume is made.

Apr 8, 2008
by Anonymous

Who says it smells good???

just because it's DNA based doesn't say it smells good.

Jun 1, 2008
by Anonymous

Get away from me

Hey man, the less Big Brother knows about me, the better. I don't need to be voluntarily giving my DNA away to anybody. Bite me.