Innovative 'Shoe Socks' Show Off Japan's Sole

Shoes can be part & parcel of one's overall personal “fashion soul” but when in Japan (and increasingly elsewhere), homeowners would prefer you leave your soles at the door – and that goes for the homeowners themselves.

Wearing socks indoors presents another set of issues for men especially, mainly that it's hard to look manly in socks. Now you can keep your sartorial cool and maintain your macho mojo while possibly confusing the heck out of your Japanese hosts by wearing Kutsu Kutsushita (くつくつした), literally “Shoe Socks”.

Kutsu Kutsushita won the 2008 Tokyo Midtown Award and the 2009 Good Design Award; now they're ready for retail customers priced at 1260 yen ($16.25) for the conservative, leather-look MIDTOWN and 1470 yen ($18.95) for the faux-sneaker CAMPUS.

Kutsu Kutsushita are long as socks go – a design necessity predicated by the need to imitate both shoes and socks.

The styling also works well when you actually have to leave the house: slip on your shoes and onlookers will only see the socks portion. Of course, this won't work so well if your shoes are sandals but who wears socks with sandals anyways, hmm? (via Gigazine)