Innovative Swimsuit Fabric: Summer Fashion Ensures You Never Have To Put On A Wet Bikini!

With summer fast approaching, it's time to start thinking about hitting the beach and the apparel that you will wear to bask in the sun and swim in the ocean. Because no one likes a soggy bathing suit, Solestrom has developed the Sun Dry Swimsuit, ready for beachwear in the summer of 2009.

The Sun Dry Swimsuit from Solestrom was originally available in only a one-piece sporty bathing suit, but is now available in an itsy bitsy, teeny weenie fashion ready to help you bare your new bikini body. The swim suits which are not only UV protective, but also use an innovative technology in the fabric to help the garments dry in the sun, are also available in men's swim trunks.

What makes these Solestrom Sun Dry Swimsuits unique is the invisible mesh that surrounds each fiber of fabric, which ensures the water isn't absorbed into the fabric, but kept on the surface, so after getting out of the swimming pool or ocean, wearers can lounge on the beach without feeling damp until the fabric dries naturally within seconds. While they do call it the line Sun Dry Swimsuits, even on a cloudy day the bathing suits will dry quickly, so you never again have to worry about putting back on a wet bikini.

The Solestrom Sun Day Swimsuits are available on their website; there are three different styles on the regular line; the Kacie Tanksuit (one-piece), Kelly Bikini (triangle top, string bikini bottoms) and the Surf Short (designed for men!). Also available with the Sun Dry technology in the fabric are a line of swimming sportswear, including a girl's racer-back swimsuit, a women's one-piece sporty design and the Boy's Jammer, which is water repellent and boasts a design for speed that would make even Michael Phelps proud.

Solestrom has been known for making quality swimwear, so you will pay for the innovative fabric that repels water, so when on dry land wearers never feel damp, at prices starting as low as $29.99 and ranging as high as $89.99.

The best part about buying from Solestrom's website, is that they will donate $5 for every purchase to an Animal Rescue Group of your choice!

Via: Telegraph