Trash-To-Treasure Community Uses Map and Facebook With An Innovative Buzz

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There are several free trash-to-treasure communities to be a part of online that keep useable but unwanted items from ending up in landfills. I am a part of a few of these eco-friendly communities myself and love the greenness and frugality to it all. Now there is a new trash-to-treasure community, EcoBees, which uses mapping to make it greener.

If you don't know what a trash-to-treasure community is, here is a brief explanation. You have something you don't want in your home, but believe someone else could use or want it. So, you log online to a community like Freecycle, post your unwanted item for free and then wait (the wait is hardly ever long) for someone to let you know they are interested in your unwanted item. You exchange emails about when and were it can be picked up. It is that simple. You can post a want ad too.

However, not all of these trash-to-treasure communities are free. Some allow you to swap, barter or sale your items. But the idea is always the same: to help reduce waste. As a benefit, sometimes you help someone in need and sometimes you save a little money.

EcoBees, like several yahoo recycling communities and Freecycle, is free to join offer and receive. The difference between EcoBees and other free giving trash-to-treasure communities is that EcoBees allows member to specify the distance he or she is willing to travel to collect an offered unwanted item. Members can see where an offer is in relation to where they live (work if this address is used instead) or are willing to travel. An offered item can be seen on the map, not the exact location, but the proximity of the location from 0 to 50 miles. This makes it easier for a member to decide if it is worth driving the distance to get an offered item. The map is very user friendly unlike the zip code. In many communities posting the zip code next to the title of the offer posting is encouraged in order to give members an idea of the miles they need to travel to pick up an item. Unfortunately the zip code is often misleading.

Pictures of posted items can also be directly added to the posting. There is no need to click on one link to another to see a picture of an item. In addition, ad postings can be shared on Facebook and Twitter. Swaps are allowed too.

EcoBees, started in the United Kingdom, is not wide spread yet, but the buzz is reaching peoples eyes and ears quickly. EcoBees is even looking for volunteer translators to help them spread their eco-benefits all over the world. Between EcoBees and other trash-to-treasure communities we can reduce a lot of waste and make a positive eco-impact.

For more information about EcoBees visit the website here. Feel free to join and spread the word. Feel free to join several communities and help reduce waste. Always, take a look at safety guidelines in regards to these communities to help keep you and your loved ones safe.

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