Innovative Wearable LED Display


Kickstarter is the home to many innovative projects, and one of those which recently came up on the site is Fos, a wearable LED display system using Bluetooth. Display screens, even small flexible ones that can be worn, are nothing new, but this might be the most innovative solution we've seen so far, with many features that allow this Fos unit to display many items that are related to your outdoor activities, such as walking, running, or anything else you may be wanting to display for others to see.

Fos is a series of LED lights which displays a message on a flexible surface. The screen itself is affixed to a piece of cloth that can be attached to your body or clothes in various ways. You could place it on your backpack, on your wrists, belt or jacket. The project claims multiple versions will be coming, and in different sizes. You can get one that's 11 inch by 3 inch and meant for outdoors people wanting a sleeve display, or you could get the triple-width Fos belt, meant to be worn around your waist and could display a warning pattern for when you're outside in the dark, or even a turn signal to show which way your bicycle is about to go.

Fos will come with a full API so you can use a phone to control what appears on the display, but by default you can expect simple things like your distance traveled, your current running goals, and your current heart rhythm. Right now, there is only 20 days left for the funding to happen, and they have received $20,000 out of a $200,000 goal. It's too early to say whether the team behind this new invention will get the funds they need, but if you want to help, check out the various incentives still available. This may well be the most flexible wearable LED display so far.