Innovatively Refashioning Dad’s Vintage Ties

Don't worry too much about giving your dad too many ties for Father's Day every year. Ties can be recycled, upcycled, reused, refashioned and crecycled into new, sometimes very pretty things. Look at all the wonderful and inventive ways to use old ties below.

1. Brown Necktie Dress

via Glamaritavia Glamarita

This dress, designed by Ronnie a.k.a. Glamarita from Etsy, is a very elegant dress with a great color scheme, so chocolaty! I love Ronnie's sense of style. "I am not a professional seamstress, but I have a good eye for color and design. I have a quirky sense of style and absolutely hate to blend in with the crowd." She's absolutely right. Take a look at all the rest of Ronnie's wonderful recycled ties clothing.

2. Necktie Owls

via Rick Rack Rubyvia Rick Rack Ruby

I love these cute little critters made by Laura K. from old ties. Had I known about these cute Necktie Owls earlier this year I would have found a way to buy or make some for my mom for Mother's Day. My mother loves owls and she loves creative stuff like this.

3. Necktie Wallet and Necklace

Via prix-prix.comVia

Laura Skelton recycles old ties and turns them into wallets and necklaces. The wallets have a pocket for the cash and two side pockets for cards. They are handmade in Pennsylvania. The coolest part about these wallets is that they actually look nice; nice enough that dad can put one in his back pocket of his work slacks. The necklaces are made of old Mardi Gras Beads and men's neckties. They are very pretty and very colorful.


4. Necktie Chair

via 1stdibs.comvia

There are a lot of DIY instructions for reupholstering an old basic chair with old ties. They are all great ideas, but the chair made of ties I liked the most was this one made by Tracy Deramus. It looks so comfortable. This chair is made of vintages ties that are hand woven onto vintage steel.

5. Necktie Quilt

via WWQPvia WWQP

Just about any old fabric can be cut or sewn into a quilt. Ties are no exception. In fact it is a pretty popular idea to make a quilt out of old necktie. Just type in the words necktie quilt into your search engine, click on the image tab and before you know it you have a page full of necktie quilt pictures. This necktie quilt made by Judy for her dad was my favorite of the bunch.

You see, a necktie is more than just a tie around the neck. A necktie is versatile object. So, if your dad's closest begins to stack up with ties grab a bunch and donate them to someone else who can use them, or recycle them into a dress, a chair, a necklace, a doll or whatever else you can think of. The ideas are endless. Be even more planet-friendly and make your dad a tie out leftover or recycled fabric or material.