iNotePad Handheld Portable Tablet Has Got The Write Stuff

The Apple™ iPad, that wildly popular, million-selling (2 million as of May 31st, 2010) tablet computer that's on everybody's gift list, has been praised, derided, copied and parodied. One of the better of the latter is the iNotePad. Designed by Sheridan Howard ("Shed") Simove, creator of the Control-A-Woman remote control, the iNotePad and its accompanying marketing campaign seamlessly move from the realm of amusing parody to that of minimalist practicality much like the wall-hangable Google Calendar.

According to Shed Simove, the iNotePad "is a sixty page paper notepad with an acetate front sheet and hardboard back." Yep, it's a notebook - in the traditional sense - but Simove isn't done yet: "The iNotePad features three styles of page: vertical lined, horizontal lined and blank. This means the iNotePad can be used in all orientations and is widely compatible with all kinds of hardware, including: pen, pencil, and crayon."

The iNotePad's "crisp, high resolution paper display and incredible graphics capability" make it the perfect portable accessory for jotting messages, composing pictures and storing work - all this without the need for batteries or a convenient power point. The ergonomic design makes it easy to flip through pages using only your fingertips and best of all, it's guaranteed never to crash. Though the iNotePad itself is, sadly, Wi-Fi-less, "it's thin and light enough to take anywhere."

Check out the promotional video for the iNotePad, in which Simove spoofs the original iPad promo video featuring Jonathan Ive, Senior VP of Industrial Design at Apple™:

Simove has made sure he's covered all the bases in his homage/tribute/parody of the iPad, even going as far as officially changing his name to "Hans Jobs"... need I say more? OK, I will: the iNotePad comes from Simove's brand name Nice Pear™, which boasts a curiously familiar logo.

One thing Simove hasn't aped is the Apple™ iPad's price: he's offering the iNotePad online for just £8.99 (around $13) plus shipping, though existing stocks are sold out and new pre-orders won't be shipped until October of 2010. (via Gigazine)