InQuickER: Healthcare Business Transforming Medicine and Reducing Hospital Wait Times

Hospital Emergency Rooms are notorious for their long wait times. Anyone who has had to seek medical treatment by visiting an ER knows that you're lucky if you're seen by a doctor in under an hour, since often you can wait handfuls of them just to get through the triage process. InQuickER is a booking service that cuts down on the wait times, by allowing you to book an appointment to have your non-life threatening medical situations seen to by a doctor.

For patients, InQuickER offers a great service,  since they partner with local area hospitals to provide their services. They encourage people to sign up in advance, then when they require medical treatment, they can login, select the hospital they want to visit, get an appointment time and describe their situation to bypass triage at the hospital. Then, their place in line is held, so instead of waiting in crowded hospital Emergency Rooms, they can remain in the comfort of their own home.

InQuickER also offers a 15 minute guarantee, keeping in mind that appointment times can't always be guaranteed in a hospital dealing with life threatening medical emergencies. If you show up at the hospital and aren't seen within 15 minutes following your appointment time, the medical care you receive is on them!

InQuickER's service is $24.95  per patient, per visit since partnering hospitals pay for their services as patients book appointments. The benefit to hospitals is reduced chaos and staffing needs as InQuickER patients automatically come in with an appointment time.

Naturally, a service like this won't be as effective as its popularity grows, since only so many appointment times can be made available per day - with that in mind, InQuickER better hope their business doesn't take right off, otherwise they might be out of business just as they get off the ground!

Via: Springwise