The Insect Of Supercars: Six-Wheeled Covini C6W

If you look the Italian-born Covini C6W directly in the eyes, head-on, it looks like any supercar. In fact, it looks way too much like any supercar-- a very derivative design, indeed. But take a few steps to either side and you'll notice a remarkable distinction: this car has two front axles, six wheels instead of four. And it looks pretty damn weird.

So despite getting a little link love from blogs that focus on the outrageous and strange, why would an auto manufacturer choose to go against such an established convention? Well, Covini explains that its six-wheeled design offers the driver a number of benefits, including less chance of hydroplaning, better grip on the road, more stability, more comfort and better braking. All four front wheels are connected to the steering wheel  and have individual brakes.

Powering its long, six-wheeled body is a 4.2-liter V8 engine worth 433 hp. That engine is sourced from Audi and powers the rear wheels after channeling through a six-speed manual transmission. Covini hasn't detailed acceleration numbers, but states that the car can tops out at 185 mph.

Despite having an extra set of wheels, the C6W is quite light, boasting a dry weight of 2,530 lbs.  

Believe it or not, it took Covini over 30 years to come up with this odd-ball design. The company has been developing the C6W since the late 1970s and according to Jalopnik, it's finally ready for the market. The company plans to introduce a limited number of the six-wheelers to buyers, presumably next year.It's not yet clear how much impact two extra wheels will have on the price of the car.

If you just need a six-wheeled supercar for your car collection, you can get more details on ordering at Covini's website

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Dec 9, 2010
by Anonymous

This Id Rent

Car can make a Unique Next Gen Batmobile??
Radical concept,
Must for snow country alone.
Or Transcon routes.
Id rent one, Not own onw.