Inside The Samsung Gear 2, Gear Fit, And S5

Introducing The Samsung Gear 2 and Gear Fit.Introducing The Samsung Gear 2 and Gear Fit.

Samsung recently revealed two new, "hands on", videos for their upcoming products to give users an in-depth look at their newest technology.

The Gear 2 and Gear Fit are the latest in wearable technology, and are crammed with so many features that it seems almost unbelievable -- while the Galaxy S5 is bringing up the rear with latest innovations in smart phone technology. 

Gear 2 Features:

Samsung emphasizes that their new devices are "designed with simplicity and aesthetics in mind," and they simply couldn't be more truthful to that mantra.

First off, they switched around the camera from the bezel to the strap -- allowing the user a bit of customization in its color; which comes in: charcoal black, gold brown, and wild orange.  Along with the change in camera placement, Samsung added a tiny home button to the Gear 2, thus, eliminating the need to aimlessly scroll until you find the home screen as you did on the original Gear. 

The Gear 2 is truly meant to be paired with any Samsung Galaxy smartphone, however, it can also serve as a stand-alone device.  For instance, the video demonstrates that with the use of Bluetooth technology, you can easily pair it with a wireless headset.  You can also sync it with your television using the embedded infrared LED sensor; allowing full control of your television like a second remote. 


The Gear 2 features a 1.63 Super AMOLED display, powered by a 1.0GHz Dual-Core Processor, and can see the world through its 2.0 megapixel camera.

Gear Fit Features:

Think of the Gear Fit as if it is the Gear 2's lighter and healthier younger brother.  While it may not offer anything beyond the limitations of the Gear 2, the Gear Fit is a more practical "smart watch" for those with an active lifestyle, and is the perfect companion for workouts. 

The Fit is the first device that contains a curved AMOLED display -- packed with a 432x128 resolution -- and weighs in at a dainty 27g.  Its fitness features includes a heart-rate sensor, work-out tracker -- which tracks how far you've run, how many calories burned, etc. -- and other detailed stats about your regimin.  The Gear Fit is a perfect and attentive fitness coach. 

The device also contains many of the same features as the Gear 2.  It's designed mainly to sync with your smartphone, allowing you to accept calls, send texts (through templates), check texts, and receive instant notifications. 


Samsung Galaxy S5

The S5 also boasts a newly designed sleekness that includes a new rounded screen (for that slimmer look), a perforated back for better grip and comfort, and new colors like: electric blue, charcoal black, shimmery white, and copper gold.  Like the Gear 2 and the Fit, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is equipped with IP 67 water and dust resistance.  

The most impressive feature of the Galaxy S5 is its stunning camera.  This 16 Megapixel wonder utilizes a "revolutionary" face sensor technology and contains a simplified user interface -- allowing you to access the camera directly off the lock screen. 

The Samsung Galaxy S5 in action.The Samsung Galaxy S5 in action.
The use of contrast and face auto-focus features allow you to capture any moment quicker than ever.  Other features include the ability to add lighting to a shot, and the ability to apply an out of focus effect to any picture (giving you a stylized edge). 

Like its wearable companions, the S5 is targeted towards the "fitness crowd" demographic.  The newly redesigned S Health is an all-in-one fitness coach which tracks just about aspect of your workout.  The phone also contains a heart-rate sensor. 


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is packed with most state-of-the-art "nuts and bolts" in mobile technology.  It features a 5.1 inch, full HD, super AMOLED display (with an enhanced adaptive display), 2.5 GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and runs on Android 4.4 (KitKat OS).    

The device is powered by a 2800 milliamp battery, and features an "Ultra-Power saving mode," which, when activated, allows you to extend the battery life by shutting down power-sucking aps, and even turning the display to a low-brightness, black and white scheme. 

The S5 will also feature the world's first 150/30 Mbps 802.11 ac Wi-Fi MIMO.  Simply put, it's fast, really fast.  The Samsung Gear 2, Fit, and S5 will all contain the innovative Spritz technology. 

While these new devices are revolutionary in many ways, it's clear they're meant for a certain audience.  What they lack in entertainment features, they make up for with visionary fitness options -- which may not land with most users.  The Gear 2 and the Fit also may be limited by the lack of third party applications, as it has ditched the Android OS (probably due to competition with the upcomming Google Glass), and is running the Tizen OS instead. 

Either way, one thing we can count on is that fans will be lining up to snatch up these devices upon their release.