Inspired By The Cycling Needs Of NYC, The Merge Is A Compact And Nimble Ride

The MergeThe Merge

The streets of New York City are packed with cars and pedestrians. The crowds and traffic make it difficult for cyclists and urban commuters to navigate the city. This difficulty was the inspiration behind the Merge--a compact and nimble utility bike.

Merge StorageMerge Storage

The Merge has a lot of features that are all contained within its frame. The frame itself is a triangular design, which gives it the support an urban commuter needs for transporting not only themselves, but things like a book bag or briefcase and groceries. 

As far as transporting things goes, the Merge features a unique rack. The rack is retractable and when you're not using it, just slide it into place in the Merge's frame.

Merge Integrated Cable Lock SystemMerge Integrated Cable Lock System

There is also a retractable rear fender in the Merge's frame for when you're dealing with inclement weather and don't want a streak of mud on your nice work clothes.

Two more things incorporated into the rear section of the Merge's frame. One is, as you may expect, a light. The other is an integrated cable for storage and security. Just pull out the cable, and you can lock your bike's rear wheel. 

Merge USB ChargerMerge USB Charger

The Merge also employs some nifty gadgets in the front of its frame. Again, there is a light for your night time adventures. There is also a USB charger, so you can always keep your device powered up. 

As a competitor in The Bike Design Project (check out the other competitors: The BLACKLINEThe Denny, The EVO and The SOLID), the Merge grew considerable attention in the Bike World. However, it's still just a design and you won't see it on the mass market any time soon. 

I will say that the Merge, along with the other competitors in The Bike Design Project, incorporate features that make the urban commuter's life a lot easier, and I would go so far as to guarantee that though the Merge may not make mass production, you will see its features incorporated into more bike designs in the future. 

Source: PENSA The Merge, The Bike Design Project