Inspired By Nature's Shadows: Jo Angell's Solar Sanctuary

Jo Angell is a textile designer in London who is known for her bio-inspired designs. She has won competitions for her eco-friendly wallpaper designs, patterned after the Bittern, a highly-endangered bird. Then Phillips Electronics rewarded her efforts to create a Breathable Felt, inspired by a pine cone that reacts to heat and cold by opening and closing.

Most recently, Ms. Angell has been experimenting with the idea of solar canopies inspired by the natural shade provided by trees and plants. In fact, standing under one of her canopies, you would believe it was a tree or plant providing the shade. The patterns and colors all represent biomimicry in design, even if the elements are blended.






Ms. Angell uses breathable fabrics in her designs. Her Solar Sanctuary is modular, so components can be arranged to any shape or size. Her desire is to make shade a welcome opportunity to explore light through beautiful shadows and colors, to create a pleasing atmosphere -- perhaps a creative one -- as well as to limit our exposure to harmful sun rays.


Textile Futures, Jo Angell Design