Instagram Breaking Bad For Emmys With Scavenger Hunt

That show known for it’s badness is so damn good, it’s hard to let it go. So believes one of its award-winning costars - and we’re inclined to agree. To that end, Aaron Paul has sought out the world’s number-one mobile photo-sharing social network to help him spread the word of its departure in a very unique fashion.

Breaking Bad’s Emmy award-winning credits are many, including Outstanding Drama Series, Bryan Cranstonup for his fourth possible Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series win and Aaron Paul going for his third possible Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series win.

This year, BB is nominated for eight Emmys, including Outstanding Drama Series.

Aaron PaulAaron PaulIn an attempt to express his gratitude to the BB fans, Paul used his Instagram account to launch a “Breaking Bad” epic scavenger hunt throughout the Hollywood environs leading up to the Emmy Award show to air August 25. According to The Wall Street Journal’s Mike Ayers, “for those missing the meth-cooking wizardry of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, Aaron Paul is concocting quite a treat.”

Under the moniker, “glassofwhiskey” he issued the following announcement:

The hunt will include everything from signed "Breaking Bad" screenplay scripts, posters, show art and action figures. Paul had hosted similar events in the past using social media, according to Variety, as have others, including entrepreneur Jason Buzi’s well-pubicized @HiddenCash initiative earlier in the year.

Last September, during the show's final eight-episode run, Paul initiated a scavenger hunt in Boise, Idaho, with the grand prize being tickets to watch a live-stream of the famous "Breaking Bad" episode known a "Ozymandias". He also treated fans by hiding 20 tickets also throughout Hollywood to a "Breaking Bad" finale screening with he and Bryan Cranston.

The actor, however, didn't offer any details on how the clues for this scavenger hunt would be disseminated, though odds are he'll reveal more on his Instagram and Twitter in the coming days.

For small business owners who are looking for ways to use Instagram to help engage with their customers, a scavenger hunt is just one way to use this social network in the field of commerce.

Heretofore, Instagram was thought to be “all hat” and “no cattle.” In my previous blog, “How Instagrammable Is Instagram For Your Small Business?” I dispel that notion with a series of tips and best practices. Differing from Twitter and Facebook, once entrepreneurs start exploring its unique capabilities, there are some effective ways to engage with one's clientele that are not available with the other networks. As I'm sure Aaron Paul would attest, "bitches," there will always be critics, but like those that intially thought Twitter was only about trivial topics, Instagram's is more than just where you had your last meal.