From Instagram to Postagram: Share Memories Via Postcards

Our generation has quite an obsession with wanting to keep everyone in the loop with what we're doing (with FaceBook and Twitter), with where we currently are partying or having dinner (like FourSquare and Blippy), and with documenting every single thing that happens and posting it online for the world to see (aside from the aforementioned social networks, there's also Instragram and Path.)

However, it's also a fact that not all of our friends and family are as web savvy as we'd like, which makes sharing treasured memories and photos digitally a bit harder. (I once invited my grand aunt who lived across the world from me to view an album of my photos on Flickr. She never saw the pictures because she never even got to the site. Don't ask.)

So when I heard about Postagram, I literally jumped for joy.

Postagram is an app that is meant to be used in conjunction with Instagram, which is described as a "life-sharing" app. The latter is basically a photo sharing app which allows you to modify and enhance your pictures with special effects, arts, and filters to make them look better. Like Twitter, you can follow friends who also run the Instagram app so you can literally see the world through their eyes every time they post an update.

Postagram takes this to new heights by going back to old school memory sharing. By old school, I mean by traditional mail. This app will take Instagram photos that you want to share to loved ones or print out for yourself by doing it all for you for just $0.99 a pop. Simply choose a photo, enter your address, pay for it, and wait. The printing, stuffing, stamping, and mailing will all be done by the folks running Postagram. The best thing is that they deliver to addresses all over the world. Convenient, right?

For a limited time, Postagram is inviting users to try out their services and is giving away one PostaGram free of charge. You can head on over to their official site to find out more: Postagram.

You can get Postagram for your iPhone or iPod Touch here: iTunes App Store.