Instant Pineapple Ramen: Pineapple Express In A Styrofoam Bowl

The new instant Pineapple Ramen from Tokyo's Papapapa-Pine ramen restaurant may not be as delicious as the fruitful noodle broth served up live and in person, but it's the next best thing to being there.

That's no faint praise, mind you, since Papapapa-Pine does pineapple ramen right and their local reputation is like, outta-sight! The restaurant's owner knows he's got a good thing going but being as there's only one Papapapa-Pine and restaurant-goers are notoriously fickle, expanding one's customer base is only prudent.

A good rep will only take you so far and a poor approximation of the store's trademark dish can do a lot of damage, so step one was hooking up with top-level instant ramen manufacturer Tokachi Menkobo.

Next was ensuring the non-noodle ingredients were as authentic as possible and to that end, three small packages containing Papapapa-Pine's signature pork & pineapple toppings, dehydrated scallions, ginger threads & spices, and broth base are included.

From that point it's business as usual: if you can boil water, pour it as high as the molded-in line, and wait an agonizing 4 recommended minutes, you're in for a tangy, peppery, tropical treat that SHOULD be good: the owner's put his photo on the lid so he must feel confident.

As mentioned, if Papapapa-Pine's Tokyo Branch at Suginami-ku, Nishi Ogikubo, Tokyo 3-12-1 is a bit out of your way, pop into any Daily Yamazaki convenience store after June 3rd to pick up some Papapapa-Pine instant pineapple ramen. If that's not doable either, try Rinkya Stores' Japan auction & shopping service – they're also almost as good as being there! (via Rocketnews24)