InStyle Essentials: Shop For Women's Clothing By Bra Size

Shirts by Bra SizeShirts by Bra SizeRegardless of how fashion savvy a woman is, she is well aware that bra size can greatly impact the way that her clothing fits. Unfortunately, sizing up or sizing down made necessary by chest size doesn't mean that the clothing item will fit in a flattering manner as intended.

InStyle Essentials has created a method of shopping that someone really should have thought up years ago - shopping by bra size. The company uses what they call a Triloft System, and there are three different styles - The Bow Blouse, Weekend Tunic, or The Classic Button Front Shirt. 

The styles are designed so that there is a flattering option for women regardless of their body type, and it is the chest circumference and bra size that are listed for sizing selections. It reduces the likelihood of unfortunate gaping or pulling, and gives women an idea what the shape of the shirt is compared to their body for a better fit.

Sometimes, it is the simple business ideas that have the greatest impact!

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Sep 5, 2013
by Anonymous

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