Integrated Camping Pump And Camping Mat Makes Camping Comfort Easy

One of the products that was getting a sizable push at Outdoor Retailer this summer was the Aerobed Pakmat. Aerobed had a dominating presence in the show's press room, what with test models, a slew of representatives, inflatable chairs to pamper the media folk and daily contests.

The Pakmat is an innovative, useful camping mat that rolls right up into its own pump. No more searching around for the pump come May when you haven't seen it since September, you'll have it right where you need it. Since it's designed to house the mat, the pump is a rather large model that is capable of pumping the mat up in about a minute. In fact, Aerobed's daily contests were held to award the person that could pump it the fastest. Sure beats blowing CO2 until you're red in the face. 

The Pakmat is a three-season pad designed for car camping and offers 6 feet 6 inches of length and 26 inches of width. It's a fairly thick mat that sits 5 inches off the ground. It weighs about 4 lbs. 

Aerobed reps said that the company provided the generous sizing due to their customer's needs, but said they're now working on a smaller, lighter model. 

You can find the current Pakmat for a retail price of $100 at a variety of retailers, including Amazon

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