Specially Designed Fake Teeth Can Deliver Medicine Non-invasively

People who always forget to take their medication would have no excuse once they use IntelliDrug . Still in its development phase, IntelliDrug is actually a couple of fake molars which has the capability to deliver medicine through non-invasive means. The device measures two molars in size, made of stainless steel and polymers. Inside the prosthetic teeth is the drug reservoir with a micro-fluidic duct. The device also comes equipped with sensors and an electrically controlled valve, along with batteries as power source.

The drug itself is placed inside the IntelliDrug as a pill. It's water from one's saliva that passes through the membrane which creates a pressurized solution. The device could then be controlled by a remote control to open the valve at timed intervals and release the liquefied drug. There's a sensor in charge of monitoring the drug administration, as well the amount of drug still left inside the device. The liquid drug passes through the cheek instead of through the digestive system, which means the medication is more efficiently absorbed by the body.

The IntelliDrug medicine delivery device could be fitted on dentures if the medication is temporary. If someone would require medication for life, however, the device could be implanted permanently. If you're prepared to lose a couple of molars to ensure medication goes smoothly, watch out for the commercial release of IntelliDrug in two years' time.

Source: Discovery

Apr 9, 2008
by Anonymous

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Apr 27, 2008
by Anonymous


I very much like this idea. It's elegant and technology-driven. Let's hope it doesn't spark thought among drug dealers !