Interactive Data Glasses Bring Information to Your Eyeballs

Putting a new spin on the term "reading glasses", Interactive Data Glasses,  being designed at the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, use an OLED microdisplay to cast images and text onto each retina. The images appear to be a meter away from the eye. You can forget ever needing to turn a page or hit "Next" because eyeball tracking technology that is currently being worked on by Fraunhofer students would allow the glasses to automatically scroll text based upon where you're looking. The eyeball tracking hardware will be built into the hinges of the glasses and will also allow you to select menus and toggle between images. 

The technology is being developed to allow for instantaneous information transfer to those that don't have their hands free to work more traditional means of reading. Some uses that have been cited include sending updated medical information about a patient to doctors and surgeons and quickly providing blueprints and instructions to construction workers. Of course, the technology is still under development but it would be pretty cool (and potentially devastatingly dangerous) should it come to fruition.

A goal of the project is to keep the glasses small, light and inexpensive. 

Gizmag via CNET 

Jun 12, 2009
by Anonymous

Markets for glasses

US Military
Local PD undercover
researchers giving speeches
For speeches (replace Teleprompter alone).
To ID IE I scan woman X & can read her name?

Dont use when driving.
Or your flying the plane or helm of boat, yacht at high speed.

Ideal for walking tours IE Boston, NY, Hilo HI, Santa Fe NM.
Or to tour Museums & exhibits.

Id switch my old reading glasses for one of these pair alone
Darn Price tag for.
Id switch overnight & have data fed 2 me BIG Time.

Ideal for covert reporting etc & send data LIVE to Fox News direct.

sensors detect data glasses signals???

Otherwise doable.