Interactive Drum T-Shirt: Fashion That Lets You Be A Rock Star! keeps up with current trends, but imprinting fashionable music and rock related graphics on their t-shirts. However, their fashionable and innovative t-shirts not only help you look like a wannabe rock star; they also help you become one in a way that's slightly geekier than rock.  With the interactive drum kit t-shirt, you too can be a drum hero, without having to buy a drum set or learn how to play; but prepare yourself for a lot of inappropriate contact when others want to beat your drums.

The drum graphic on the interactive drum kit t-shirt by isn't just for show. When you tap the drum graphic, it plays realistic drum sounds. Of course, it wouldn't be rock if it didn't create a real drum experience; each of the 7 drums play a real drum sound. All you need is the rest of your 5-piece band to create a full rock group, and with t-shirts, you don't even need the practice space.

The good news is, could be well on its way to creating the full rock-band experience with its interactive t-shirts. A wearable toy piano shirt was created for a DIY festival in Zurich, and while it's not yet available for retail, step by step instructions are available on Instructables to create your own piano t-shirt and maybe will see it as inspiration for its next weird and wacky fashion.

Hey, with the Rock Band trend taking off who needs to invest in expensive videogame systems when there are fashionable and portable ways of transporting their favorite instruments. If you're concerned about the wash and wear capabilities of these wearable instruments; not to worry,'s wearable, interactive drum set t-shirt is machine washable, once the AA-battery pack and graphic have been removed.

And you thought you couldn't be a rock star. All it takes is weird and wacky interactive, musical fashion!

Via: Coolest Gadgets