Interactive Toilet Offers Potty Trainees A Hand...Literally


I for one know that potty training can be difficult.  I am not sure what, if anything, I did wrong along the way with my daughter, but it sure was a lengthy and frustrating process in our house.  We tried all kinds of rewards and praise without a lot of success.  For my next time around, I am all for getting tips in the positive reinforcement department.  I will pretty much take help from anywhere – well, almost anywhere.

The Interactive Toilet concept may be taking things a little too far for impressionable potty users in training.  This potty seat has a strip of lights down either side that seem to indicate when the device is ready for use and when the ‘task’ has been completed.  Once the child has taken care of business, so to speak, the seat offers up a hand for a high five or handshake (I assume), plays “If You’re Happy and You Know It”, and then raises a roll of toilet paper to finish the job.



I am really not sure how toddlers would respond to this gadget, but even if they like it you may be setting them up for a lifetime of disappointment.  After all, at some point everyone has to switch to the regular toilet seat and who is going to high five you for going potty then?


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