Interactive Virtual Makeup Remover Strips Girls To The Cheekbones

A new iPhone app called "Suppin" promises to reveal what a dozen of Japan's cutest and most fashionable girls look like without their makeup. Sorry guys, JUST without their make-up.

Apps for Apple's iPhone come and go without making many waves but Suppin is, well, sumtin' else. The word, pronounced "soo-pin", is used in Japanese to describe a bare, makeup-less face. You'd think that guys really wouldn't care to see such a sight (unless it's on the "morning after") but the app's creators (COLONY iNTERACTIVE) must have seen a need out there and crafted Suppin to meet the demand.

Supposedly, Suppin "reveals the secret of their beauty makeup" - as if there aren't already zillions of YouTube videos that do exactly that in great detail. Maybe it's a revenge thing, allowing deprived, depraved geeks to boldly remove the gals' perfectly applied makeup meant to impress some smarmy rich dude while mocking their pitiable, date-less lifestyle. Whew, harsh... but I digress.

Suppin is more about what COULD be than what actually IS. For instance, your $1.99 paid to iTunes only lets you remove the facial makeup from 12 - and only 12 - pre-selected "college models"... whatever that is. You get to hear their "cute voices" as well while you wipe away their foundation with your fingertip. Yeesh, cute overload!

What you (and you know who you are) CAN'T do is randomly take photos of cute female strangers and use the app to remove their makeup. You also can't remove anything else... did you hear something? A disturbance in The Force? It sounded like thousands of geek voices, sighing in disappointment.

Anyway, COLONY+iNTERACTIVE wants potential app buyers to know that the dozen depicted lovelies are actual Japanese college girls who not only posed for the imagery, they actively participated in the software's planning and development. Of course they did, the dears.

The app itself was composed with the support of the free magazine Tiara Girl with the aim of explaining the process of beauty makeup. Or make-off, if one wants to get specific. Last and not least, Suppin is compatible with Apple's iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, and requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later. (via TokyoMango)