Interested In Beaver Stuffing?

This is one of those items that could get you fired from your job if you don't clarify what you mean.  For example:

Bill works for a major retail chain as a cashier.  As he's ringing up a plethora of items for a little old lady, his manager (let's just call her Sue) takes a moment to watch his progress.

"So, what are you going to do this evening, young man? " asks the little old lady.

Bill smiles broadly and states, "I'm going home with my wife to stuff beaver!"

And there ya go.  Poor Bill would at least get a written reprimand.

Well, unless he lives in an area known for beaver pelts...  I dunno, like Alaska, maybe.

In reality, this Beaver Stuffing Kit is exactly what it says it is-so there's no need for lewd thinking (though my mind naturally seems to wander that way).  It contains everything that you need to make one stuffed beaver-you know, the little critters that build dams and such.

Simply fill the enclosed "pelt" with the stuffing (also supplied in the kit) and sew the little fella up.  Voila!  One stuffed beaver, ready for mounting.  And while I couldn't find a picture of a completed beaver from this kit, it's probably pretty cute.  However, part of me hopes it's crazy scary looking, with giant teeth set in a fierce snarl.

I think this would be a really fun project for kids.  Every kid has their favorite stuffed animal, but not all have actually made their own.  Plus, projects of this type provide great opportunities for family bonding.

Of course it's also good to shock your friends with; you know, those friends with dirty little minds like mine.

The creepy looking guy on the box sort'a lends credence to the potential naughtiness of the contents.  He kind of looks like the dad from Leave It To Beaver... at a strip club.

If you want to stuff some beaver, head on over to Prezzies Plus and pick up your very own kit.

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