Interior Design Trends For 2010: Layered Floors & Wallpapered Ceilings


Even then, there can be too much of a good thing...



If your rooms are rectangular, have high or vaulted ceilings, woodwork, or ceiling fixtures, wall paper can enhance their structure beautifully. Design Crisis   





How would you like to have a master bath like this one?  Architectural Salvage.  Ceiling medallions and stencils, many of which can be painted to match or contrast with your ceiling, are made of many materials (plaster, metal, plastic, etc.) and offer great texture... The higher your ceiling, the more texture you can afford to use.




 Look at the effects created by this Victorian bed vault!  DesignHole



Here is a great design effect created by faux ceiling tiles and wood paneling... Classic Wall Coverings



Of course you could go the way of the Russians and create a 24/7 live sculpture, expandable ceiling that changes its shape depending on where and how much water is leaking in the apartment above.



There are many special touches you can bring to your floor and ceiling designs on your own.  Creating patterns with rugs is so much fun.  You'll have more fun with wallpapering your ceiling, however, if you get a few pointers, so here's a place to start. 


Jan 30, 2010
by Anonymous

rug layering

I not only think it's stupid, it is also a safety hazard. Whoever came up with that idea is not thinking clearly.

Feb 12, 2010
by Anonymous

of pics

everything ultimately horrible, apart from the very first picture

May 24, 2010
by Anonymous

Layered floors

Not only does it look silly to have layered floors, but it's a safety hazard. Clearly not a place for children. Besides, it would cost so much more then just buying ONE really nice rug and having it in the middle of the room for all to admire.

Oct 12, 2010
by Anonymous

rug layering

OMG people are so resistant to new ideas -- rug layering has been used successfully in every nomadic tent on the planet withouth major injury. People including children can negotiate uneven terrain outdoors with no problem. It's like saying "remove all the furniture because people will be tripping over the legs -- safety hazard!" rug layering creates a beautiful tribal and cozy look. I'm all for it. Thanks for the nice article.