International Cab Swapping as a New Business Concept?

Sometimes in order to stand out from the crowd, the business just needs to break out of the mould and shake things up a little. Unfortunately, sometimes an image revamp can come with substantial costs, unless you use the power of networking.

Cab SwappingCab Swapping

Two innovative business owners have done just that - connecting with one another to benefit both of their businesses. The gentlemen in question own taxi cab businesses oceans apart and what they do is swap their cabs to shake things up a little. That may not sound too exciting, but we're not just talking about any taxis, we're talking about two of the most distinguishable ones on the planet.

One of the cabbies is from NYC and drives a checkered taxi. The other, from London in the UK has an old-fashioned black cab complete with fold-down seats. While these typical taxis might blend right in when they're driven around their places of origin; they sure do stand out after their swap.

Since only transportation charges are involved, these cabbies have found a simple way to draw attention to their business both in news and on the streets.

Via: NY Times