9 International Foods Win SIAL d'Or Awards For Innovation

The 2010 SIAL d'Or Awards, the Oscars of the food industry, were awarded last week to 9 food and beverage products in 9 categories. These foods and drinks got the golds for their innovation as well as successful marketing of their products.  Here are the winners; they will give you a chance to see what you might find in foreign grocery stores.

SIAL, a Paris based organization represents all those who work in the food industry.   The SIAL d'Or is held every two years for foods that first exhibited in the prior event; so, the 2010 SIAL d'Or winners debuted at the 2008 event.  It is the largest food and beverage show in the world.  The judges were food writers from 30 international magazines in the food and beverage industry.

These were the types of products eligible to receive golds and compete for the grand prize: savoury grocery sweet grocery, fresh dairy, fresh products, savoury frozen foods, sweet frozen foods, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and wine.  There was also a grand prize winner, this year the winner of the sweet grocery products; let's start with that:


SIAL d'Or Grand Prize Winner and

1. SIAL d'Or Sweet Grocery Products Winner...


Honibe Honey Drop™

The only way to carry honey in your purse or pocket are Honibe Honey Drops.  They are drops of pure pleasure and 100 percent pure honey for your coffee or tea, from Prince Edward Island.  And you can purchase them easily in the U.S., from Amazon.com in regular or with lemon added.


Honibe Honey DropsHonibe Honey Drops


2. SIAL d'Or Savory Grocery Product Winner...


 Lesieur IsioActiStérol

Isio ActiStérol is a salad dressing that guarantees to lower your blood pressure.  According to testimonials on the Lesieur website, it's pretty delicious too! Lots of recipes on the website, and not just for salads.


Lesieur Isio ActiStérolLesieur Isio ActiStérol


3.  SIAL d'Or Fresh Dairy Products Winner...


Sedlcansky Troubelin

A bake-at-home cheese from the Czech Republic, the Troubelin is packaged with seasoning to sprinkle on the cheese to form a crust, and two paper plates. You can also grill or fry the cheese and eat it with bread or a nice baked potato for a quick meal.


Sedlcansky TroubelinSedlcansky Troubelin   

4. SIAL d'Or Fresh Grocery Product Winner...


Calvo Tuna Hamburgers And Tuna Sausages

Calvo, a Spanish company, specializes in fish products for the home and for the catering industry.  These tuna hamburgers and sausages are sure to bring you the Omega 3's you need!


Calvo Tuna Hamburgers and Tuna SausagesCalvo Tuna Hamburgers and Tuna Sausages



5. SIAL d'Or Frozen Savory Product Winner...


 Tillman's Toasty Frozen Breaded Chicken Patties

Yummy and toaster friendly too, the Toasty Breaded Chicken Patties can also be fried in a pan if you like a bit of grease with your chicken patties!

Tillman's Toasty Frozen Breaded Chicken Patties: image via ciao.deTillman's Toasty Frozen Breaded Chicken Patties: image via ciao.de



6. Sial d'Or Frozen Sweet Product Winner...


Dynamic Commodities PTY Bits O' Juice Frozen Lemon Segments

 Oooh.  I don't mind saying I really like this one, but it's terribly labor intensive.  Instead of squeezing the juice out of the lemon, the lemons are peeled and segmented.  Then they are cryogenically frozen and shattered, so that individual bits of the lemon are preserved while they are still in the membrane.   

Bits O' Juice Frozen Lemon SegmentsBits O' Juice Frozen Lemon Segments


Bits O' Juice Frozen Lemon SegmentsBits O' Juice Frozen Lemon Segments


Bits O' Juice Frozen Lemon SegmentsBits O' Juice Frozen Lemon Segments



7. SIAL d'Or Wine Category Product Winner...


Bodegas Chandon O2 Sparkling Wine

The Argentinian O2 Sparkling Wines are available in Rojo and Blanco.  Bodegas Chandon is one of the larger vineyards in the Mendoza region of Argentina, in the central and western part of the country bordering Chile. 


Bodegas Chandon O2 Sparkling WineBodegas Chandon O2 Sparkling Wine


8. SIAL d'Or Alcoholic Beverage Product Winner...


Bacardi-Martini Martini Soda

Seems like the world still likes their bevs light - even Italians!  So into the Martini Blanco goes some plain soda water, and you've got a light apperitiv with only 8 percent alchohol - Martini Soda. (It's a dry vermouth and soda, basically.)


Bacardi-Martini Martini SodaBacardi-Martini Martini Soda



9. SIAL d'Or Non-Alcoholic Beverage Winner...


Herbapol Green-Up

Poland has permeated Eastern and Western European Markets with energy drinks, but Herbapol's Green-Up is the only one that claims it's 100 percent natural. Green-Up is sold in cranberry, pomegranate, and tropical juices and the rest of it is all caffeine from guarana.


Herbapol Green-UpHerbapol Green-Up


No, the U.S. is not on the list.  Apparently we did win a SIAL d'Or as a 'country' for Frito-Lay's Smart Popcorn Clusters, but we lost out to our Canadian cousins for Honey Drops in the Sweet Grocery Category.

Sources: Supermarket News, SIAL, and the product websites referenced above.