Internet Radio Gets an Artistic Upgrade









Looking for an Internet radio with a little umph?  A little pazazz?  A little somethin somethin?  Look no further than .  This little gem is easily the most exciting and engaging Internet radio out there, and you'll not only find what you want, but possibly find something you never knew you wanted.

 The first thing you'll notice about Musicovery is that it just looks cool, therefore you feel cool for using it (my deductive reasoning might be flawed there).  This Internet radio is basically for the listener who knows what mood they are in and wants a healthy spread of songs that keep that mood going.  It works like this:  pick your era; pick your mood; pick your genre and Muiscovery will generate a number of songs that fit your tastes.  Just click the song you want to listen to and enjoy.  Musicovery even suggests more songs that relate to the current artist, giving you an even broader spectrum of music to listen to.  Their system makes it easy to find and come to know more artists you didn't even know you liked!

Of course, every interface has it's downfall, and this Internet radio is no different.  If you want hifi CD quality sound, you have to pay a monthly charge which isn't too steep: $9.99 for a whole year.  Not bad.  There also isn't a way to search for a particular artist, but keep in mind Musicovery is still in beta, and will likely be improved throughout its development.  Also, a search option may be available when you become a member.

All in all, Musicovery is just a fun Internet radio that offers a good mix of music tailored to your tastes.  Happy listening!


Seth Plattner
Featured Blogger
Inventor Spot Team