Internet Radio Listeners Increased Drastically

According to industry figures, the number of individuals who listen to Internet radio has increased by 2.5 million in only six months .

It’s also been stated that 14.5 million people have used Internet radio at least once. This number is up from the 12 million that was calculated last November. The figures that are based on interviews conducted a few months ago, also show that the podcast viewings have also risen.

The reason for internet radio being such a success could be because of the many different features and user-friendly interfaces some websites have., a UK-based Internet radio and music community website, is just one of the few examples.

The popular Internet radio website allows users the opportunity to connect to their music and similar artists. By quickly searching for their favourite musician, an individual can easily find a list of artists with a similar sound. Users can also listen to an established “radio channel” of one particular artist or genre.

But actual radio stations can’t be forgotten either. Popular stations are also increasing the number of radio listeners by streaming their broadcasts online. Geared towards internet-savvy individuals and the people stuck at work all day, online broadcasts allow listeners to hear they’re favourite music or broadcasters without having to find an actual radio.

It’s no surprise the number of Internet radio listeners is rising at such a fast rate, but does this mean the end for actual radio stations? Such a negative impact could be avoided if broadcasters reluctantly brought their material onto the Internet.

Jul 10, 2008
by Anonymous


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