Introducing Automoblox: My First Custom Car Creations

Don’t be fooled- the finely crafted wooden cars made by Automoblox are much more complicated toy than you’d think. While it’s really cool to see little kids assemble their own sturdy and brilliantly designed car, the real fun starts when you mix two or more vehicles together!




Each car sports a detachable wooden front, middle and rear, with four tires and a series of plastic connector pieces that hold the three main segments together. If you were to say provide a child with the red and black sports car and the white convertible, you’d surely get a unique vehicle combination of his or her favorite parts within a few minutes. While it’s hard to top those spiffy little hotrods, my favorite is the chunky and purple 2010 X9-X sport utility vehicle. I really like how varied and colorful the different Automoblox models are, as well as the infinite possibilities that the simple connectors provide inventive kids. Does your kid want to mix the front of a blue pick-up truck with the rear of a police car? A hotrod and a sedan? Sport utility and fire rescue car? You know you’ve got a great toy when it encourages creativity, motor skills and plain old fun!




There are many different Automoblox sets to choose from, and while I’m a fan of the larger, “classic” cars, there are plenty of neat little “Minis” that are available in three packs for extra tinkering power. While you might not be able to find every car in Automoblox’s garage, Amazon is a pretty solid place to start looking for a car or two to surprise your little gearheads with.Drive safely, wooden mechanics!


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